Friday, November 21, 2008

With or without you - 21 years old...

No relationship to IB economics!

Was just watching this clip from a live U2 performance (been there, seen them) and thought of posting it. I just realized that some may not even be aware of the song (March 1987, the release date for the song, is a loooong time ago for you guys) and since I think that it's a great piece I decided to take the time to post it.

Come to think of it, there may be a connection to IB economics. Bono is also a well known political activist who has teamed up with Jeff Sachs and is the co-founder of the One campaign (do check out the issues on the link as they provide very short and decent introductions to major development economics themes).

More about him when discussing development issues - soon at a theater near you. For now, enjoy this (the vocals are really good):

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