Sunday, October 5, 2008

Your Internal Assessment and other tales of ordinary madness..

Just a reminder (posted on the net so no one can claim otherwise - this one is for you Mr. 'Sorry for being late, I didn't hear the bell over there...')

I am expecting you to hand in Commentary #2 tomorrow, and we have agreed in class that:

The International Economics related exam will be after the OCT 28 short break (but, I am making NO commitments on the exact date: be prepared)

The big -pre end of semester- review exam (Micro, Macro, Trade & elements from Development) will be after the NOV 17 break (again, no commitments on the exact date: be prepared)

Commentary #3 is due the week before the NOV 17 break and commentary #4 right before Xmas break.

Have fun!

(and speaking of commitments, have you seen the movie?

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