Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What are the questions

What are the quesions? (I just remembered Joan Robinson's book!)

Well, these are questions that three top notch economists (two of them Nobel prizes) would ask in the presidential debate.

Sometimes, the questions are worth more than the answers. Read them (and think about them) here.

I think that the best of these questions (for our purposes) is Scholes' question #1:
Discuss the tradeoffs for our economy, if any, between growth (so-called trickle down) and redistribution (so-called sprinkle around) policies

Then, Scholes #3, Stiglitz #1 and Stiglitz #2. What do you thnk? Imagine the Scholes #1 as a long essay (Paper 1) for IB Higher Level Economics in the May 2009 exam! With slightly different wording, believe me, it's game!

Isn't the expression 'sprinkle around policies' great?

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