Saturday, January 10, 2009

University applications

Just read this in the Christmas issue (DEC 20 - JAN 2) of the Economist. Interesting stuff but it's probably too late for you (IB candidates) so pass the info on to IB zero or IB minus 1 friends (i.e. potential applicants to the program).

According to research published earlier this month, many may have chosen the wrong ones, and damaged their chances of getting into a highly regarded university. Policy Exchange, a centre-right think-tank, looked at the A-levels offered by successful applicants to a group of 27 very selective universities—some ancient, some modern—and concluded that, despite the fact that all subjects are notionally equal, in reality admissions tutors think more of some than of others.
I'm sure that roughly the same applies for IB higher level choices. The title of the article is Getting in: Strategic thinking for the aspiring student

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