Sunday, June 24, 2012

Development Thread (1)

In this thread I will be bringing to your attention resources (sites/ files/ articles/ videos) that my (and any) IB Candidates 13  students should check out, save and try to make summary notes in a development dedicated notebook (electronic or conventional).  These resources aim at helping us  understand and learn issues from the development section of our syllabus.

The first resource is about Burkina Faso and cotton ('white gold').  The issue is about the detrimental effects of US/EU cotton subsidies on the livelyhoods of millions of poverty stricken West African farmers and the expected benefits from a cotton subsidy reform (click on links)
Burkina Faso: Cotton Story

A couple of more resources on Western cotton subsidies can be found here:
West's billions in subsidy shut out African cotton growers

Cotton subsidies costing west African farmers £155m a year, report reveals

...and this video (which features a bit of Victoria's Secret in it - an additional non-academic incentive to the guys in my class to watch it...) is also about Burkina Faso cotton with a twist:


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