Friday, April 16, 2010

On Greece and the IMF

The situation in Greece as it is unfolding doesn't look that good but one positive side effect is that you guys ('you' in a very narrow sense i.e. my year 1 students) will, by the time you graduate next year, know much more about the IMF than most other candidates from our school since 1993...!

Here is the transcript of an interesting IMF press briefing on what is going on right now between Greece and the Fund. Easy reading and you get an idea about the process.

The October 2009 World Economic Outlook can be found here. Downloading and skimming over Chapter 2 may be a good idea. Some stuff will sound familiar (and, as we move along the syllabus, you will understand more and more) but even just looking at some figures and tables and trying to 'read' them and make sense out of them is a good idea.

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