Friday, January 16, 2009

Way to go, Elizabeth!

When I mentioned today in class (doesn't B4 suck?) Esther Duflo and the Poverty Lab, Constantinos L. got excited: 'Oooops, I know that! My sister works there'!
Elizabeth Linos
B.A. in Government and Economics, Harvard University

Research Assistant, Paris
Elizabeth holds a Bachelors Degree in Government and Economics from Harvard University. Before joining J-PAL, Elizabeth worked in Boston on health care provision to immigrants, in Peru, conducting field research on the quality of teachers and in Honduras, studying a government social transfer for poor households. She joined J-PAL in 2007, as a field-based research assistant in Bangladesh where she worked on a female empowerment project. She is currently working on evaluations of microfinance in Morocco, student sponsoring in France, and an ultra poor program in Pakistan.
Way to go Elizabeth! I hope her work inspires some of you to work on such issues later on in your career!


Κατερίνα said...

ok. but where can we find information about the experiment we discussed in class?

constantine ziogas said...

Just provided the link: