Sunday, September 8, 2019

IMF: Back to Basics

Was looking at the IMF Blog and I found a collection of all past Back to Basics short articles that aim at explaining fundamentals to students.  I've used several in the past and most are wicked good and fully compatible with the IB Econ Syllabus. 

You can find these titles here.


Great for IB students: Trade diversion in action and the role of macro aggregates on trade balances

Just listened to a most useful and clear trade talk/podcast that focuses on KORUS, the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement that went into effect in 2012.  A University of California Davis professor explains in most simple terms concepts of international trade that all IB Econ students should be aware of.

Kadee Russ discusses the results of a 2019 paper she co-authored with Deborah L. Swenson to the hosts of Trade Talks, a podcast about the economics of trade and policy, Soumaya Keynes and Chad P. Bown.  It is a question and answer podcast that navigates us through real international trade patterns.

Listen in class to The Surprising Story of the US Trade Deficit with South Korea.  It is rewarding!

(the NBER working paper for the more ambitious can be found (free) here).