Saturday, January 26, 2008

Manufactured Landscapes

Edward Burtynsky is featured in this clip talking about what we watched. We will be discussing the ideas of economic growth, economic development, international trade, globalization as well as the idea of negative externalities in our course. We should keep in mind the visuals we got from Burtynsky's photographs - pictures are very powerful media of ideas. Maybe they should even haunt us.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Krugman says hi too!:)

In order to make up to my bigmouth-ness today ,I have some amazing youtube links for anyone who is willing to procrastinate :)
First: Woody Allen id GOD and this is one of the FUNNIEST videos i have seen of him:
(please notice how im showing off my newly-acquired how-to-make-a-link skills)

but it cant even BEGIN to compare with this one:

Second: Cape Fear trailer :)

Third,the thumb sucking scene i kind of-sort of remembered(she's not crazy after all)

And finally,a song by juliette: