Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This one is for you, Alex!

Well, you can place your bet on who's going to win this year's Nobel prize in Economics! N. Greg Mankiw made me aware of the odds this year. The favorite is Martin Feldstein (with odds of 8.00). I'd bet for Paul Krugman with odds of 15.00! Here is a quote:
2008 will go down in history for the unprecedented turmoil witnessed in the financial markets of the world's largest economies - the Credit Crunch. Given the world's seemingly relentless economic meltdown, all eyes will be on the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, administrators of the world famous Nobel Peace Prize. They will no doubt be deliberating long and hard before announcing, on October 13th, the winner of 2008 Nobel Laureate for conferring the greatest benefit on mankind in the field of Economics.

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