Sunday, October 5, 2008

The American Anti-Intellectual Threat / by Jeff Sachs

A very interesting article (again, not related to IB economics but very much within the IB spirit) worth reading!

Here is a quote:
Humanity’s only hope is that the vicious circle of extremism can be replaced by a shared global understanding of the massive challenges of climate change, food supplies, sustainable energy, water scarcity, and poverty. Global scientific processes like the IPCC are critical, because they offer our best hope of forging a consensus based on the scientific evidence.

Here is the link.

Read also the comment below that an anonymous reader of our blog was kind enough to make.

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Anonymous said...

This nonsense should not be taught to our children on our tax dollars.

Using them for political pawns at the expense of academis is inexcusable.

Shame on you! YOU are the extremists with this IB/UNESCO Agenda 21 MDG NONSENSE!

- 35 year teacher