Monday, October 22, 2007

"Richistan": How the other 1 per cent lives

Who buys a 750,000$ watch? Why are seven years olds made to understand cost-benefit analysis? How many times the wage of his employee takes home the average American chief executive? U'll find that and much more at the:,,2131752,00.html


constantine ziogas said...

I think we found in Christos' article a great example of Veblen goods that puts my Hermes example to shame!

"The number one sellers are watches made by a newcomer called Franck Muller who had realised that Rolexes were way too cheap. A Muller watch sells for nearly $750,000." Did I mention in class that I just ordered two of them?

Ellie said...

ahhh i helped out in a fashion show and frank muller was there and he fashionshowed -well,i dont know the term- his watches and honestly,they were pretty nice:)

id like some of those veblen goods please:P