Friday, October 19, 2007

IB Teachers' team victorious in soccer game against IB students (candidates 2008)

Today, at the Karapialis Soccer Field the IB teachers' team defeated the IB students 4-2 after a very exciting game. Excellent defense, wise strategy against the younger but inexperienced players together with startling goals by coach Costas Sykiotis led to the final score.

In this picture, Agis Galopoulos displaying his skills against Nick Nicolaou.


Vasilis Chatziaslanis said...

I bet whatever you want(according to the quantity demanded offcourse) that next year i will post a text about the win of ib1 students over the teachers..

p.s: mr. sukiwtis rules

constantine ziogas said...

Not if Dr. Bionti accepts to play. He was in Milan before he did his PhD in Music so, don't bet too much....!

de griek said...

haha so I heard, congrats to the teachers and what a shame to the seniors!! i hope that you guys make for that loss up pretty soon. get ready and invite them again for a revenge: maybe the panigiri is good occasion.