Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Assignment Candidates 2009

These are the Long and Short Essays I'd like you to complete over Xmas break.

Remember you should first read the section on development and then read the list of long essays. Choose one. Then research the key issue by checking out the net. Use advanced google. Remember also the World Bank, the UNDP site, the OECD development pages, the UN Millennium goals page, the WTO trade and development page, the Center for International Development at Harvard as well as specific pages/ posts that I recommend such as many of the Jeff Sachs articles found at the Project Syndicate site.

In any case, here they are:

Long Essays

1. Either May 2008 on (a) measuring development and (b) evaluating whether faster growth is the most effective way to pursue development or Nov 2007 on explaining 3 institutional factors that may contribute to growth and (b) evaluating whether growth leads to development.
2. Either #24 on (a) describing main barriers to development and (b) evaluating whether a more equitable income (and wealth) distribution promotes development or, Nov 2005 on (a) explaining 2 barriers to growth and (b) evaluating strategies to overcome the barriers mentioned in (a)
3. Either #27 on (a) explaining the different forms of aid and (b) evaluate whether aid is effective or May 2007 (very similar)
4. Either Nov 2006 on (a) why firms turn multinational and (b) evaluating whether FDI is effective in promoting growth and development

Short Essays
1. #39 on why indebtedness may hinder growth and development (or, #32)
2. #38 on explaining the difference between inward and outward oriented growth (or, #8)
3. #36 on why overdependence on primary products may be a dead end
4. #24 on sustainable development (or, #20 or, #37)
5. #23 on the gender specific benefits of educating girls
6. #28 on the types of growth to avoid
7. #34 on the difference between growth and development (or, #12, or#35)
8. #29 on the importance of human capital in the development process

This is the newest list of long essays and this is the list of short essays.


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