Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trimester 2 exam

I'd like to let you know that I am done grading one of the two sections (the larger one -MWF) and I hate to say it but I am really disappointed by most. Very few seemed to have done proper work and I am strating to reconsider my initial assessment of your academic abilities.

I would like to publicly say bravo to Yiannis L. who had done abysmally poor in trim 1 but was impressive in the midterm (yes, I'm done grading that one!) and good in the final exam. Obviously, Yiannis L. decided to work and his work is already paying off. Congrats, dah-ling!

I should add that it seemed that natural monopoly was not in the syllabus for very many. Neither was the most important issue of how scarce resources are allocated in a market economy. Why? This was the micro section of paper 2 of the november 2007 exam. It could have been your exam. I hope that you've realized in a relatively costless way that everything in a syllabus may be examined in May...

(the picture of my friend sj was just to get your attention and let you know, sort of, of how I feel)

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