Friday, April 3, 2009

A great resource for IB Development Economics!

Atlas of Global Development (2nd edition)
I just got my hands on a copy of the above 2009 World Bank publication. I think it’s fabulous for IB Economics (Higher and Standard Level) students. It is jammed with easy to read and understand data (uses maps of the world and tables) on a variety of issues that help the reader better understand the world we live in. The Table of Contents includes these headings:

• Classification of economies
• Rich and poor (measuring income; growth and opportunity; how poor is poor?)
• People (global trends in population)
• Education (education opens doors; children at work; gender and development)
• Health (children under 5 – struggling to survive; improving the health of mothers; communicable diseases – too little progress)
• Economy (Structure of the world’s economy; governance; infrastructure for development; investment for growth; the integrating world; people on the move; aid for development external debt)
• Environment (the urban environment; feeding the world; a thirsty planet gets thirstier; protecting the environment; energy security and climate change)
• Statistics (key indicators of development; ranking of economies by GNI per capita; the need for statistics; millennium development goals, targets and indicators; definitions, sources)

It is not a textbook but there is a page or two on each issue as well as a list of important facts. In addition there is a list of internet links which is very useful.

The book is about $23.00. The link is here.

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