Sunday, November 4, 2007

on the micro exam

I hope you're all working on our micro material these days as this is our first 'real' exam this year.


1. Study the issues trying to understand the logic behind each. You do not have to learn anything by heart but you do have to be precise in your language. This takes some practice.
2..Practice doing all the diagrams. Try to construct each in a step by step logical manner. Make sure you understand the meaning of each function you draw. You should be able to draw each very fast and efficiently. Remember that proper and full labeling is very important. Remember to use a ruler and a pencil and to have an eraser.
3. Make sure you can write the correct definition of each term. Definitions are building blocks in all essays.
4. Go over all the relevant past essays I've given you. Every single IB past exam essay from 1988 until now is available to you! Think of the definitions you should include, of the diagram(s), of (perhaps) any examples. Make sure you realize what the focal point of each question is. A dear colleague in another IB school of Athens calls this 'unlocking the question' (more important in Long Essays).

Do a decent job. It feels good at the end!

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