Saturday, September 15, 2007

Steven Pinker and Sir Ken Robinson

Yesterday I decided to post on two talks by Steven Pinker, the MIT cognitive scientist, on two of his books, and one of Sir Ken Robinson (an expert in the field of 'creativity and innovation in education') challenging the way 'we' educate 'you'.

Neither has any explicit connection to economics (let alone IB economics) but I find them interesting and I decided to share them with you.

Anxious to hear your comments in class (or, here).

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Vilma said...

robinson's talk was a piece of gold. pinker's thought provoking as always [i used to study him in ib1 philosophy!] but i have some objections.
anyway, what's amazing is that even though we're living in the most peaceful time mankind has known, everyone [by everyone i mean mostly Western gvts, and gvt organizations] is trying to convince us about the opposite. I very much doubt that ever before people were feeling as insecure as we are forced to feel today.
p.s. nice blog btw!!