Thursday, April 17, 2008

Facebook Sniffing is coming !?!

By clicking the link below, you can read all about a new Facebook application, in which users will have the chance to 'sniff' (or, in a better way, see where all their friends are at all times) the location of their friends by using their mobile phones as a snoop. Moreover, you can just log on into Facebook, right-click on the application and see a map, containing all of your friends' locations. So no more 'Where r u?' messages and cheating on your other-half. In addition, it is a bit awkward to think that the largest Colombian drug dealer was caught by this way a couple of years ago. Anyway, we all hope that this application will at least be the initiative for a fruitful debating among the social networking world ( Linos, Ellie, Capsaskis, you can now start building my statue. I prefer somewhere in Kolonaki. Maybe outside the Attica would be a good idea.)
For info:

Oh, Facebook Sniffing is coming to Greek networks too.



c. h. ziogas said...

Thanks, Sucre.

I think that Nokia and Apple will double their sales as one cell phone will be permantly locked inside office cabinets. Is remore switching on and off possible?

Vasilis Chatziaslanis said...

I believe the application cannot be switched off. its a 24/7 thing, and a lot of its success is based on the fact that it doesnt give you the option to become invisible for a while. we can see where X is now, 10 minutes ago and where he is going with the bus.

annoying huh?
oh and this is indeed very profitable for cell phone companies

Vasilis Chatziaslanis said...

and why do u call me sucre?

c. h. ziogas said...

a little birdie told me what u think your last name should have been instead, so, instead of going thru the trouble to change it, I think that 'Sucre' (a la prison break) is easier for all! :-)

Ellie said...

that is by far one of the most retarded applications i have ever come accross.Even worse than the one that helps you find out which britney you are. and thats pretty damn retarded.